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The conference schedule is here.  All sessions are in the Panorama Ballroom at the Hyatt.  (Breakfast is on the Panorama Terrace, accessible via the Panorama Ballroom.)

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The conference will start the morning of Monday, April 11 (so arrival on Sunday night is recommended).  There will be two poster sessions, Monday and Tuesday evenings.  On Wednesday the 13th there will be a mixture of AISTATS and Learning Workshop sessions; AISTATS registrants are welcome to attend both AISTATS and Learning sessions on Wednesday.

Speakers should be sure to submit consent forms as described on the author information page.  Regular orals are allocated 25 minutes in the schedule, which means that the talk should be 20 minutes long (with the remaining time reserved for questions, discussion, and fiddling with projector cables).  Notable paper talks are allocated 35 minutes in the schedule, which means 25 minutes for the talk, plus 5 minutes for the discussant, plus 5 minutes for questions, etc.  Invited talks are allocated 60 minutes, which means 50 minutes for the talk plus 10 minutes for discussion and questions.

For poster presenters: the poster boards are 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide.  It is probably a good idea to plan not to use the entire width, since there may be other poster boards immediately adjacent to yours.

To save trees, we are not planning to hand out paper copies of the schedule at the meeting.  So, if you prefer a hardcopy, please print it beforehand.  Or, internet access will be available, so you can just check the schedule online at the meeting.

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