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Poster Instructions

Poster size (for authors attending in person). Authors traveling to the conference should arrange to have their posters printed. The poster boards that will be used at the venue have size 190cm x 90cm (height x width). You can use any poster size as long as it fits on the board. We suggest portrait A0 (118.9 x 84.1 cm) or landscape A1 (59.4 x 84.1 cm).

Poster printing service (for all authors) (optional). The AISTATS conference will provide a poster printing service. Click here to learn more about the fees and to access the poster printing service. Note that the posters printed using this service must be US-sized and in portrait orientation only.

Poster upload (for all authors) (optional). While AISTATS is primarily an in-person conference this year, we encourage authors to make their posters available online. To upload your poster, click here. Any poster template is allowed. Posters must be uploaded as a PNG format that cannot exceed 5120 x 2880 pixels (width x height) and cannot take more than 10 MB. Besides the poster, you may upload a thumbnail of a visually appealing figure that summarizes your paper (a PNG file of no more than 320 x 256 pixels and no more than 5 MB).

Video Instructions

Video upload (for all authors) (optional). We encourage authors to submit a pre-recorded YouTube video to the AISTATS virtual website. Videos should summarize your work and must be at most 15 min in length. For tips on recording, we recommend this excellent tutorial by Anna Rogers. Once you have recorded the video and uploaded it to YouTube, follow the instructions here to upload the video to the AISTATS virtual website.

If your paper has been awarded an oral presentation. The YouTube video described above is available for all papers and therefore it is independent of the oral presentation. However, if you have an oral presentation but are not able to attend the conference in person, your YouTube video (if available) can be projected at the conference center.

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