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The most convenient way to arrive at the Chia Laguna resort is to fly to Cagliari airport. RyanAir, Air One, Eurofly and Alitalia all have flights to Cagliari from many European destinations.

We are working with the resort to improve the quality of their internet access. At the moment they have a 2 Mbps (guaranteed) line with some wireless access. We will try and upgrade their routers and increase the speed of the line for the conference, but please do not take a high speed connection forgranted. Another route to internet access is to buy a SIM card from Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM), or other local provider, and purchase one of their internet deals. Obviously you need a USB modem for this. There is a TIM antenna right next to the resort which gives a very usable signal.

The resort is about one hour south of the airport. You can request a transfer from the Airport to the resort when you book your room. The maximum cost of the transfer will be 90 euros with one individual in a car (if you take a taxi from the airport the cost will be 100 euros). The cost will reduce if the hotel can share the transfer between multiple participants.

Another way to arrive at the resort is through a car rental. Please be confident about your ability to drive in Italy before considering this route. The car rental locations are now all located on the airport site. Leave the arrivals and follow the signs to the car rental locations that are diagonally left across the car park when you leave the airport. The road between Cagliari and the resort is mostly single carriageway with a restricted speed limit (50 km/h). There are speed cameras along most of the route.

The resort is mainly self contained, with most of the local restaurants participating in a "Dine Around" scheme that will allow you to eat your meals at the place of your choice. The nearest large town is Pula about 20 km north of Chia.

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