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Final Paper Submission Instructions

Please make sure that you are using the up-to-date style file. (Last updated: 7:30pm PST Jan 15, 2015)

Submission Site

The submission site is https://cmt.research.microsoft.com/AISTATS2015/.

This page lists submission instructions for the proceedings track only. Submission instructions for highlight talks are on a separate page.

Final version submission instructions

The deadline for uploading the final version of your paper is January 25 at 11:59PM PST.

To prepare your final paper, please change the string
in you LaTeX source file. The style file is the same as for initial submissions, available here for reference. Please do not modify the layout given by the style file. If you have questions about the style file or its usage, please contact the publications chair, Vinayak Rao.

In the CMT Author Console, there is now a new column labeled “Camera Ready,” and in this column, for each accepted paper, a link labeled “Edit.” Use this link to submit camera-ready papers. The CMT form will ask you for the list of authors, the title, the abstract, and the following files (where 642 is to be replaced by your paper ID):

642-supp.xxx    (optional)
If a supplementary file is included, its type xxx can be pdf, zip, tgz or gz. In addition, you will be asked to provide submission code obtained by an automated style checker and confirm that you agree with having your work published in the proceedings.

  1. Please ensure that the submitted title and abstract match the ones in the camera-ready version, and do not include any LaTeX commands or other non-human-readable markup.
  2. Please ensure that the submitted list of authors and the ordering among them matches the camera-ready version.
  3. Please make sure any supplementary material is submitted as a separate file and not appended to the main paper.
  4. In preparing the camera-ready version, we request that you take into account reviewer and meta-reviewer feedback. Your camera-ready submission should be named 642.pdf (with 642 replaced by your paper ID). We only accept pdf files. Please ensure that your camera-ready submission contains author information (instead of “Anonymous Author N” as was required for the original submission), and that you use the standard style as provided above. See detailed instructions for preparing the camera-ready paper in Section 3 of the file sample_paper.pdf, included with the style files.
  5. Please verify that your paper follows the style requirements by submitting your pdf file to the style checking script. You will need to provide the paper ID, your name (just one author), your e-mail and the pdf file. If the paper passes the style checks, you will obtain a submission code. (Please ignore the warnings of the style checker.) The CMT form will ask you to provide this submission code.
  6. The final version will appear in the proceedings, published by JMLR W&CP. The CMT will ask you to agree to have your work published by JMLR according to the agreement outlined here. You do not need to print out and submit this agreement, just make sure to check the appropriate box in the CMT form.
  7. You may optionally submit supplementary material, e.g., detailed proofs, code, data, or slides. Please submit these as 642-supp.xxx (with 642 replaced by your paper ID and xxx replaced by the file type). If the supplementary material includes multiple files, please compress these into a single zip, tgz or gz file.
  8. You may continue to edit your camera-ready submissions until the camera-ready deadline.

Initial version submission instructions

Formatting and Supplementary Material

Submissions are limited to 8 pages excluding references using the LaTeX style file we provide below. You can also submit a single file of additional supplementary material which may be either a pdf file (such as proof details) or a zip file for other formats/more files (such as code or videos). Note that reviewers are under no obligation to examine your supplementary material. If you have only one supplementary pdf file, please upload it as is; otherwise gather everything to the single zip file.

Formatting information (including LaTeX style files) is here. We do not support submission in preparation systems other than LaTeX. Please do not modify the layout given by the style file. If you have questions about the style file or its usage, please contact the publications chair.

Anonymization Requirements

The AISTATS review process is double-blind. Please remove all identifying information from your submission, including author names, affiliations, and any acknowledgments. Self-citations can present a special problem: we recommend leaving in a moderate number of self-citations for published or otherwise well-known work. For unpublished or less-well-known work, or for large numbers of self-citations, it is up to the author's discretion how best to preserve anonymity. Possibilities include leaving out a citation altogether, including it but replacing the citation text with "removed for anonymous submission," or leaving the citation as-is; authors should choose for each citation the treatment which is least likely to reveal authorship.

Previous tech-report or workshop versions of a paper can similarly present a problem for anonymization. We suggest leaving out any identifying information for such versions, but bringing them to the attention of the program committee via the submission page. Reviewers will be instructed that tech reports (including reports on sites such as arXiv) and papers in workshops without archival proceedings do not count as prior publication.

Previous or Concurrent Submissions

Submitted manuscripts should not have been previously published in a journal or in the proceedings of a conference, and should not be under consideration for publication at another conference at any point during the AISTATS review process. It is acceptable to have a substantially extended version of the submitted paper under consideration simultaneously for journal publication, so long as the journal version's planned publication date is in 2015 or later, the journal submission does not interfere with AISTATS's right to publish the paper, and the situation is clearly described at the time of AISTATS submission. Please describe the situation in the appropriate box on the submission page (and do not include author information in the submission itself, to avoid accidental unblinding).

As mentioned above, reviewers will be instructed that tech reports (including reports on sites such as arXiv) and papers in workshops without archival proceedings do not count as prior publication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use BibTeX? Is there a BibTeX style file?

You can certainly use BibTeX. As the formatting insturctions say, "Any choice of citation style is acceptable as long as you are consistent." For example abbrvnat style file should be good for most purposes.

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