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AISTATS 2015 Instructions for Presenters

Poster Presentations

The poster boards have 1.2m (4 ft) width and 2.4m (8 ft) height. Your poster may be either in landscape or in portrait orientation.

All posters should be removed immediately following the sessions in which they were presented. Posters for the next session should go up no sooner than after the morning session.

Oral Presentations

For each oral presentation, 30 minutes will be provided, including Q&A discussion and transition time. We recommend presenters to prepare 22-23 minutes talk, which will spare 5 minutes for discussion and 1-2 minutes of transition betwen speakers. Please contact the session chair 15 minutes before the start of the session.

The conference room does not furnish a computer. Presenters are encouraged to bring their own laptops, with the slides in it. If it is not possible, presenters may ask renting a laptop to the session chair or one of the organizing committee members.

Please try your laptop and slides out during the break before your session. You can connect to the projector using a standard VGA connector and a standard audio jack. We will attempt to have some adapters on-hand, but speakers should ensure that they bring any necessary cables needed to connect to a VGA projector.

Microphones are provided (wired and wireless). We also have two wireless mics that can be passed around for Q&A.

Please note that all papers presented as talks also have a corresponding poster presentation. Papers presented as talks are NOT presented as posters. Oral speakers do not need to prepare their posters.

Video recordings will be made of oral presentations; more details to be announced.

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