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Local Information

Information about Iceland

Iceland is an island of 103.000 km2 (39,756 sq. miles), settled by Nordic people in the 9th century. It has a population of just over 300.000, almost two-thirds living in the capital Reykjavik and its neighbouring towns in the southwest. Iceland features a wide array of sights such as glaciers, steaming geysers and volcanoes, raging rivers and magnificent waterfalls, a multitude of birds, cavorting whales just offshore and many other surprises.

Distance to Iceland from USA is 5-6 hours by flight and 2-4 hours from Europe.

Information about Reykjavik

Founded in 1786, Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and the northernmost capital city in the world. Reykjavik offers opportunities for historical sites, natural beauty, museums and galleries, public parks, excellent shopping, a wide range of leisure activities, hotels, restaurants and a remarkably lively artistic scene. Due to its range of possibilities, it is sometimes called the biggest little capital in the world.

The official tourism website of the Reykjavik Capital Area is www.visitreykjavik.is

General Information

Business, Shopping and Banking hours

Currency and Shopping

Shops in Iceland carry a wide variety of merchandise. Local specialities include woollen knitwear (eg. sweaters and cardigans), handmade ceramics, glassware and silver jewellery. Also available is a great variety of high-quality seafood.

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Travel Information

From the Airport to Reykjavik and the Hotels

Travel within Reykjavik

Lunch at the Grand Hotel

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