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Instructions To Authors For Preparing Final Copy

The proceedings will be published by Morgan Kaufmann and produced by Professional Book Center. Here are the instructions from Professional Book Center for the preparation and transmission of your contribution.

Professional Book Center is very pleased to be participating as the production service for the AI and Statistics '99 workshop proceedings. We will prepare the proceedings for printing and supervise its manufacture. The following information is essential for preparing your final submission. Please follow all instructions as closely as possible.

Due to the short lead time for preparing this Proceedings, you must provide your paper to us electronically. You may provide your paper either as a PostScript file suitable for printing, or as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. The Acrobat format will allow you the maximum control over the final printed appearance of your paper.

The deadline for receipt of your final paper via FTP is Tuesday, November 3, 1998. This is an ABSOLUTE deadline. Late papers will NOT be included in the proceedings. To meet the deadline, we highly recommend that you transmit your file in advance of the date. Past users of this method have experienced a variety of transient conditions that delayed successful uploading of their files (such as network downtime, inability to maintain a good connection, etc.)--so if at all possible, please beat the deadline by a couple of days to allow yourself a margin of error in case there is a problem.

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns about the forms you need to fill out and fax back, the deadline, formatting, preparation, or the file uploading, please use the following contact information in the USA:

Jennifer Ballentine
Professional Book Center
Phone: 303-756-5222 (24-hour message capability)
Fax: 303-756-5374
e-mail: probook@sni.net

If you have any questions or problems with the TEX macros, the content or length of your paper, or the workshop itself, please contact

David Heckerman
Microsoft Research
e-mail: heckerman@microsoft.com

Please do not contact Morgan Kaufmann Publishers on any issue relating
to the Proceedings or the Workshop.

Poster papers must not exceed 6 pages in length; regular papers must not exceed 10 pages. Any papers exceeding the allotted number of pages will not be included in the proceedings.

You must download, print out, sign, and fax back to us the Permission to Publish form by the deadline of November 3. Without this form on file, your paper cannot legally be published in the Proceedings.

Click Here to download a PostScript version of the form suitable for printing on any PostScript printer.

Click Here to download an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of the form, which can be printed on any printer attached to a computer that is running the free Adobe Reader software.

Once you have downloaded and printed out this form, you must sign and fax it back to Professional Book Center at fax number 303-756-5374 by November 3. Keep a copy of the form for your files. We will be unable to include your paper without this written consent. However, note that it is not a copyright transfer document--you and/or the sponsors of your research retain all copyrights in the work. Please be aware that only the lead author need sign this form but he/she is signing it on behalf of all co-authors--check with your co-authors regarding copyright status of the paper before signing the form.

If your paper contains material (e.g., a figure) for which you have transferred copyright to another party (e.g., a journal, publisher, or society), you will need to obtain permission from that party to include the work in the proceedings. In this case, you must submit a copy of a written permission from the journal, publisher, or society, and the appropriate credit information must appear in your paper. Contact Jennifer Ballentine at ProBook for information about obtaining copyright permissions, if necessary.

Note: if you publish an original paper in the proceedings, this should not interfere with future publication elsewhere.

Final page numbers and running heads will be assigned and typeset by ProBook as the papers are received. DO NOT include headers or footers on your formatting of the paper. Sometimes paper titles must be abbreviated in order for the runningheads to fit on the paper. (This abbreviation is for the runninghead only, so the title will not be abbreviated on the title page of the paper.) Use this form to give us your preferred abbreviation for your title, even if you don't think the title will need abbreviation.

Please also use this form to let us know--if there is likely to be any question--how your name should be listed in the author index. Some names are quite straightforward (Smith, Jim); others are not so obvious
(van Dyke, Jim alphabetized under ``V'' or ``D''? Epstein Barr, Shiela or Barr, Sheila Epstein?

Please download this form.

Click Here to download a PostScript version of the form suitable for printing on any PostScript printer.

Click Here to download an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of the form, which can be printed on any printer attached to a computer that is running the free Adobe Reader software.

Fax this completed form along with the Permission to Publish form to us at 303-756-5374 by November 3.

The proceedings format will be 8.5 by 11 inches, two-column. We are striving to produce a uniform, professional appearance, rather than an assortment of differing formats. Please download and print out the following sample format to refer to.

Click Here to download a PostScript version of a formatted sample paper suitable for printing on any PostScript printer.

Click Here to download the tex source of this sample paper.

Click Here to download an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of a formatted sample paper, which can be printed on any printer attached to a computer that is running the free Adobe Reader software.

If you use LaTEX, follow the provided LaTEX format style file as closely as possible. If you don't use LaTEX, please follow the formatting instructions on the formatted sample paper for which downloading links are given above to achieve an effect as close as possible to what you see on the sample. If your paper involves a special case not covered by the sample (e.g., four co-authors), use your own best judgment (e.g., repeat two-author style), or contact Jennifer Ballentine at ProBook for advice.

Click Here to download the LaTEX style file.

Due to the number of conference proceedings papers processed by ProBook, we cannot confirm receipt of individual papers. Please DO NOT CONTACT US TO INQUIRE IF YOUR PAPER HAS BEEN RECEIVED. We will contact you if your paper is not received by the deadline, if there were problems handling your file, or if your materials are not complete.

Please read and follow the instructions below carefully.

(1) Prepare and review your paper exactly as if you intended to physically send it to us.

(2) Once your paper is finalized, use your formatting software to make a single PostScript file for the entire paper. Embed all fonts you use in the PostScript file (especially any math or special symbol font information). Do not compress, zip, or encode your file in any way. Make sure your file size is less than 1.5 megabytes (it could be larger if you have embedded graphics). If it is larger, contact us via e-mail to discuss the best method for handling the file.

When preparing graphics, be aware that all papers will be reproduced at 600dpi--you may wish to downgrade scans or greyscale images accordingly to result in a final file size under 1.5 megabytes.

(3) Use the unique tracking number that the workshop organizers have assigned to your accepted paper as the filename, followed by the extension `.ps' for a postscript file or the extension `.pdf' for an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

(4) Using your ftp client software, open an anonymous session at `ftp.sni.net/morespace3/aistat' and upload your paper into the `incoming' subdirectory. Each ftp software behaves somewhat differently from the rest, so we can't provide specific instructions for everyone. If you need an example of how to do this, see number (8) below.

(5) If possible, please ftp your contribution early--we can begin accepting papers on October 27. Early submission will also help avoid overburdening our server with large amounts of incoming data arriving all at once on the deadline.

(6) After you've uploaded your contribution, you must FAX us your completed Permission to Publish and Title Abbreviation/Author Name forms.

(7) Also after you've uploaded your contribution, please send an e-mail message to `probook@sni.net' with `AISTAT-98' on the Subject line, and include the following information: the name of the PostScript or PDF file that you uploaded to us, the names of the paper's authors, the exact paper title, and the number of pages in the paper. No particular order or format for this information is necessary.

(8) For those not experienced with ftp, you can obtain the freeware program `ws_ftp' from `www.tucows.com'. Select your platform, then look through the ftp programs. Install ws_ftp, connect to the Internet, and start ws_ftp. Under the `general' tab, enter the address `ftp.sni.net' in the field HOST NAME/ADDRESS. Check (i.e., tick) the box `Anonymous.' Under the `startup' tab, enter the path `/FTP/morespace3/aistat' (type as shown) in the field Initial Remote Host Directory. Apply, then OK. You will see directories named `incoming' and `outgoing'. Click on `incoming' and on the left side of the window, browse your local system for the file you're uploading.

This method does not involve direct electronic delivery of your work to the public. Your work will be printed in the hardcopy Proceedings volume with the other contributions. This electronic delivery method will not affect your copyright or the publishing use of your material in any way.

Thank you,

Jennifer Ballentine
Professional Book Center
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