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Live Mentoring Events

The AISTATS 2022 organizing committee is pleased to announce several live mentoring events for conference attendees to give and receive mentorship. Please contact aistats2022+mentorship@gmail.com if you have any questions.

MeMentor mentoring sessions

Various times from Monday, March 28th to Wednesday, March 30th; see https://mementor.net for exact times.

The goal of these mentoring sessions is to facilitate sharing of experiences between members of the community which would not happen otherwise. The following mentors will be hosting mentoring sessions on MeMentor:


Mentoring Retrospectives Workshop

Wednesday, March 30th, 17:00-19:00 UTC

This event celebrates the submission mentorship program, with mentees presenting talks on their papers, and talks from experienced researchers in the ML community on good research practices. The workshop ends with an open social for AISTATS attendees. For the link to join the event, please check the virtual site.

Agenda (all times are UTC)

Learnings from AISTATS 2022 Submission Mentoring Program, Pablo Samuel Castro (Google Brain) and Sarah Tan (Meta)
Mentee Talks and Experience Sharing
  AD-CGAN: Contrastive Generative Adversarial Network for Anomaly Detection, Laya Rafiee (Concordia University)
Good Research Practices
  How to write a great paper, Bilal Alsallakh (Meta)
  How to present your research, Li Chen (Meta)
  How to read papers, Aaditya Ramdas (Carnegie Mellon University)
  Tips for grad school research, Matias Valdenegro (University of Groningen)
(no livestream)
Open Social

Submission Mentoring Program

The AISTATS 2022 organizing committee is pleased to announce a pilot program to assist underrepresented and/or first-time AISTATS submitters. This program will match submitters (mentees) with senior researchers (mentors) to provide targeted feedback on their AISTATS submission. Applications to receive/provide mentorship will be accepted on a rolling basis until September 20th, 2021 following this link.

To apply to be a mentee, please prepare a PDF of up to 3-pages with a draft/excerpt/extended abstract of your submission, and 2-4 names of senior researchers you would like to be matched with. While we cannot guarantee an exact match, we will try our best.

To apply to be a mentor, you should be an assistant professor+ (academia) or senior research scientist+ (industry). You can also nominate someone else. Mentors will be acknowledged on the AISTATS website.


Mentee/mentor expectations

Data sharing: For mentees, the PDF/extended abstract will be shared with senior researchers to organize a match. For both mentees/mentors, your contact info will be shared with your mentor/mentee once matched. Email aistats2022+mentorship@gmail.com if you have any questions.


The AISTATS 2022 chairs appreciate the help of all the mentors who kindly volunteered and contributed to the success of this program.

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