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Information for Authors

The deadline for submitting the final version of your paper is November 10, 2000 (midnight EST). You can also view sample files of the paper format  sample.pdfsample.pssample.tex

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                        2050 SOUTH SAINT PAUL ST., DENVER, CO 80210, U.S.A.

To:  All authors of accepted papers
Congratulations on the acceptance of your paper for inclusion in the AI & Statistics 2001 proceedings. The following infor-
mation is essential for preparing your final submission. IMPORTANT: Due to schedule constraints, your papers must
be delivered electronically. Please follow all instructions as closely as possible.
Submission Deadline and Mailing Instructions
The deadline for receipt of your formatted paper via FTP, and the appropriate accompanying forms via FAX (see below)
is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, by midnight (2400 hours) Eastern Daylight Time. This is an absolute deadline; late pa-
pers can not be included in the proceedings. If you discover major errors in your paper following electronic submission,
please contact us via e-mail (probook@sni.net) for permission and instructions on how to submit a replacement paper.
Although we will try to include replacement papers, we cannot guarantee their inclusion in the book.
We highly recommend that you transmit your file at least 48 to 72 hours in advance of the deadline. Transient condi-
tions, such as network downtime or inability to maintain a good connection, may delay transmission. So if at all possible,
please beat the deadline by a couple of days to allow yourself a margin of error in case there is a problem.
Length Requirements
Each full paper should be no more than 8 pages in length; each poster paper no more than 6 pages in length. If you
find you must have more space, you may purchase up to 2 (two) additional pages for a fee of $50 each to cover the
additional production cost. Checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank, denominated in U.S. dollars, and made payable to
Professional Book Center. You may also pay by Visa/Mastercard. In either case, you must complete the enclosed Extra
Page Fee Invoice and return it with your paper. We cannot accept purchase orders for payment of this fee. Any papers
over the given length limit and not accompanied by the Extra Page Fee Invoice will not be published.
Prior/Duplicate Publication
If your paper contains material (e.g., a figure) for which you have transferred copyright to another party (e.g., a journal,
publisher, or society), you will need to obtain permission from that party to include the work in the proceedings. In this
case, your paper should be accompanied by a copy of a written permission from the journal, publisher, or society, and
the appropriate credit information. Contact Jennifer Ballentine at ProBook for information about obtaining copyright per-
missions, if necessary. Note: if you publish an original paper in the proceedings, this should not interfere with future
Permission to Publish Form
Please print and sign the Permission to Publish form provided with these materials, and FAX it to Professional Book Cen-
ter (305-946-8106) in advance of the deadline. We will be unable to publish your paper without this written consent.
However, note that it is not a copyright transfer document-you and/or the sponsors of your research retain all copy-
rights in the work. Please be aware that only the lead author need sign this form but he/she is signing it on behalf of all
coauthors-check with your coauthors regarding copyright status of the paper before signing the form. Please also com-
plete the bottom portion of this form which shows how your name and your coauthors' names should appear in the
author index. Some names are quite straightforward (Smith, Jim); others are not so obvious (van Dyke, Jim: alphabetized
under ``V'' or ``D''? Epstein Barr, Sheila-or Barr, Sheila Epstein?).
Extra Page Fee Invoice
If your paper exceeds the limit established by the organizers, you must also complete and FAX the Extra Page Fee
Invoice along with the Permission to Publish form.
Contacting Professional Book Center
If you have any questions regarding formatting, deadlines, or electronic submission of your paper, please contact Jennifer
Ballentine at Professional Book Center: 303-756-5222, or send email to probook@sni.net. Note that Professional Book
Center is located in Colorado in the Mountain Time Zone-two hours earlier (by the clock) than New York and one
hour later than California. IMPORTANT: Due to the volume of proceedings papers processed by Professional Book Cen-
ter, we cannot individually confirm receipt of your materials. Please DO NOT CALL or e-mail to inquire if your paper
has been received. We will contact you if your materials were not received by the deadline or are incomplete.


Please read and follow the instructions below carefully:
1.  Prepare and review your paper exactly as if you intended to physically send it to us. LaTEX macros for formatting
your paper in the appropriate style are available from the conference Web page:
Special Note: Please use caps/lowercase style for your paper title-that is, capitalize all important nouns, adjectives, and
major verbs; use lowercase for minor verbs, prepositions, articles, and conjunctions unless they begin the title or follow
an internal colon or dash; use all uppercase only if necessary, for example for acronyms.
2.  Once your paper is finalized, use your formatting software to make a single PostScript, or preferably an Adobe Acro-
bat PDF file for the entire paper. If you have the ability to make a PDF file directly from LaTEX, we strongly encourage
you to do so for reasons of file size and accuracy. Using Acrobat Distiller to make a PDF file from your PostScript file is
also possible (be sure to select the press option of Distiller). Whether you will submit PostScript or PDF files, you must
embed all fonts you use in your file (especially any math fonts, special symbol fonts, or fonts you have created or cus-
tomized yourself). Do not compress, zip, or encode your file in any way. Make sure your file size is less than 3 mega-
bytes (this will be much easier with a PDF file). When preparing graphics, you may wish to downgrade scans or
greyscale images to result in a final file size under 3 megabytes. Please print and proofread your paper in its electronic
form prior to submission; Professional Book Center will inspect your paper for obvious errors, but printing your file di-
rectly to a PostScript printer and checking the hard copy carefully is your best check of accurate PostScripting. Do not
e-mail the PostScript file: attachments frequently fail with files of this size.
3.  Use the paper tracking number assigned by the organizers to your accepted paper (e.g., kolmogorov1.pdf, kolmo-
gorov2.pdf, etc.) as the filename, followed by the extension `.ps' for a PostScript file or .pdf for a PDF file.
4.  Using your FTP client software, FTP your paper to ftp://ftp.ai.mit.edu/pub/incoming/aistat. If you are not presently
running FTP client software, we recommend the shareware program `ws_ftp' which is available on the Web at
5.  After you've uploaded your contribution, please send an e-mail message to `tommi@ai.mit.edu' and as well to
`tsr@stat.washington.edu' with `AI & STATISTICS 2001' on the subject line, and include the following information: the
name of the file that you uploaded, the names of the paper's authors, the exact paper title, and the number of pages in
the paper.
6.  If possible, please FTP your contribution early-papers may be accepted right away. Early submission will also help
avoid overburdening our server with large amounts of incoming data arriving all at once on the deadline.
7.  You must FAX (to 305-946-8106) your completed Permission to Publish form and (if applicable) the Extra Page Fee In-
voice form. Both accompanying forms must be received by Professional Book Center by the paper deadline.
8.  Following the conference, we would appreciate any feedback or comment you have on this electronic delivery sys-
tem. Your comments will be invaluable as we test, refine, and expand the use of electronic tools in our production of
conference materials. Please share your comments with us by e-mailing probook@sni.net.

Please complete the following by NOVEMBER 10, 2000:
   Paper properly formatted and submitted by FTP according to the Electronic Delivery Instructions.

   E-mail sent with filename, authors, title, and page count for paper.

   Permission to Publish form signed by lead author of paper FAXed to 305-946-8106.

   Extra Page Fee Invoice (if applicable) FAXed to 305-946-8106.

                                                PERMISSION TO PUBLISH
                                         AI & STATISTICS 2001 CONFERENCE




The undersigned (herein "Author"), desiring that the above paper appear in a publication of the Society for Artificial Intel-
ligence and Statistics (herein "the Publisher"), hereby grants non-exclusive permission to the Publisher to prepare and
print the paper in a volume tentatively entitled, Proceedings of the 20001 Conference on AI and Statistics, and to repub-
lish the material in print, electronic, or any other form for sale throughout the world, in this and all future editions, in all
The Author retains copyright, right to transfer the copyright to other parties in the future, right to use any and all por-
tions of the work in future publications by the Author, all proprietary rights (patent rights, etc.) and all other rights.
The Author warrants that he/she is the author and/or proprietor of this contribution, and has full power to make this
agreement, and that he/she has not granted or assigned any rights in the work to any other person or entity that would
interfere with this grant of permission.
If the Author has previously granted copyright in this work to another person or entity, the Author must receive explicit
permission from the copyright holder for publication of the paper in the above volume by the Society for Artificial Intelli-
gence and Statistics, and said permission is attached to this document.

__________________________________     _________________________________
First author, or Authorized signature                     Title (if not author)

__________________________________     _________________________________
Employer for whom work was performed                 Date
(if work was for hire)

Author index information

Please give all authors names in last name, first name order as they should appear in the index:
___________________________________________________     __________________________________________________
___________________________________________________     __________________________________________________
___________________________________________________     __________________________________________________
___________________________________________________     __________________________________________________

                                       FAX THIS FORM TO +1 305 946 8106
 or mail to: PROFESSIONAL BOOK CENTER / 2050 South St. Paul St. / Denver CO / 80210
                                   to arrive no later than November 10, 2000

                       2050 SOUTH SAINT PAUL ST., DENVER, CO 80210, U.S.A.
                                               FAX TO: 305-946-8106

                                             EXTRA PAGE FEE INVOICE


If your contributed paper for the AI & Statistics 2001 conference proceedings exceeds 8 pages (for full papers; 6 pages
for posters), you may purchase up to 2 additional pages at a cost of $50 (U.S. dollars) per page.

Title of the paper that exceeds the page limit:  _______________________________________________________________

Name of lead author:  ______________________________________________________________________________________

Number of extra pages:                  × $50 per page = total cost for extra pages:  _____________________________

   I will be paying using a check made payable to and mailed to Professional Book Center, 2050 South Saint Paul Street,
Denver, CO 80210, USA. Checks must be in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank.
(NOTE: Checks must be accompanied by this form)
   Please charge to my (circle one)             Mastercard             Visa

The total dollar amount I wish to charge is:  ________________________________________________________________

My credit card number is:  _________________________________________________________________________________

The expiration date shown on my card is:  _________________________________________________________________

Exact name of the cardholder as shown on card:   __________________________________________________________

Cardholder's complete mailing address (must be address at which your credit card statements are received)

The date you completed this form:    ________________________________________________________________________

Your signature:  ___________________________________________________________________________________________


                                         authorization #

                                     FAX THIS FORM TO +1 305 946 8106
 or mail to: PROFESSIONAL BOOK CENTER / 2050 South St. Paul St. / Denver CO / 80210
                                     to arrive no later November 10, 2000

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