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This is the sixth in a series of workshops which has brought together researchers in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in Statistics to discuss problems of mutual interest. The exchange has broadened research in both fields and has strongly encouraged interdisciplinary work. Papers on all aspects of the interface between AI & Statistics are encouraged.

To encourage interaction and a broad exchange of ideas, the presentations will be limited to about 20 discussion papers in single session meetings over three days (Jan. 5-7). Focused poster sessions will provide the means for presenting and discussing the remaining research papers. Papers for poster sessions will be treated equally with papers for presentation in publications.

Attendance at the workshop will *not* be limited.

The three days of research presentations will be preceded by a day of tutorials (Jan. 4). These are intended to expose researchers in each field to the methodology used in the other field.

The language will be English.


This list is not intended to define an exclusive list of topics of interest. Authors are encouraged to submit papers on any topic which falls within the intersection of AI and Statistics.

Three copies of an extended abstract (up to 4 pages) should be sent to

David Madigan, Program Chair
6th International Workshop on AI and Statistics
Department of Statistics, Box 354322
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

or electronically (either postscript or a WWW address) to


Submissions for will be considered if postmarked by June 30, 1996. If the submission is electronic (e-mail), then it must be received by midnight July 1, 1996.

Please indicate which topic(s) your abstract addresses and include an electronic mail address for correspondence. Receipt of all submissions will be confirmed via electronic mail. Acceptance notices will be mailed by September 1, 1996. Preliminary papers (up to 20 pages) must be returned by November 1, 1996. These preliminary papers will be copied and distributed at the workshop.


Program Chair: David Madigan University of Washington

General Chair: Padhraic Smyth JPL and UCI


Russell Almond, Mathsoft, Inc.
Wray Buntine, Ultimode Systems, LLC
Peter Cheeseman, NASA
Paul Cohen, University of Massachusetts
Greg Cooper, University of Pittsburgh
Bill DuMouchel, Columbia University
Doug Fisher, Vanderbilt University
Dan Geiger, Technion
Clark Glymour, Carnegie-Mellon University
David Hand, Open University
Steve Hanks, University of Washington
Trevor Hastie, Stanford University
David Haussler, UC Santa Cruz
David Heckerman, Microsoft
Paula Hietala, University of Tampere
Geoff Hinton, University of Toronto
Michael Jordan, MIT
Hans Lenz, Free University of Berlin
David Lewis, AT&T Bell Labs
Andrew Moore, Carnegie-Mellon University
Radford Neal, University of Toronto
Jonathan Oliver, Monash University
Steve Omohundro, NEC Research, Princeton
Judea Pearl, UCLA
Daryl Pregibon, AT&T Bell Labs
Ross Shachter, Stanford University
Glenn Shafer, Rutgers University
Prakash Shenoy, University of Kansas
David Spiegelhalter, MRC, Cambridge
Peter Spirtes, Carnegie-Mellon University

For more information see the workshop's Web page:

or write David Madigan at aistats@stat.washington.edu for inquiries concerning the technical program or Padhraic Smyth at aistats@jpl.nasa.gov for other inquiries about the workshop.

Write to ai-stats-request@watstat.uwaterloo.ca to subscribe to the AI and Statistics mailing list.

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